Our Vision & Values

Our vision is clear – to be the most trusted organisation for complex procurement and sourcing needs in the UK. Pixel Global’s fundamental values of Integrity, Pride, Collaboration, and Respect are the cornerstones of this vision. We aim to be the most trusted name in the industry, the go-to consultancy for clients seeking procurement support. We envision being the very first company that comes to mind when clients embark on new projects, recovery programmes or continuous endeavours. Our values guide the company’s actions and decisions, ensuring sustained success and growth, while maintaining ethical and sustainable business practices, for both our colleagues and clients.


Integrity is paramount at Pixel Global – it is an essential thread that runs through our whole organisation. It means delivering on promises, maintaining ethical standards, promoting social value and being a trusted partner. This trust has led to long-lasting relationships, securing the company’s future success with our clients whilst maintaining a dedicated and motivated workforce.


Respect is woven into Pixel’s values through its commitment to treating colleagues, associates and clients fairly, with understanding, inclusivity and consideration. We recognise and celebrate diversity. Respect is shown daily and is evident in all our interactions. Pixel aims to empower client teams, respecting their unique needs, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and making a real long-term difference.


Pride is reflected in Pixel’s dedication to excellence and delivering the best possible outcomes for clients. Colleagues take pride in their work, their team and in Pixel – thereby constantly adding value and making a positive difference to our own working environment and to our clients. This is exemplified in the company’s focus on client-driven objectives, achieving deliverables on time and to a high standard, and going the extra mile to ensure client success.


Collaboration is a key value that drives Pixel’s success. The company actively fosters collaboration through its blended team approach, knowledge sharing, and transparent working relationships. This collaborative spirit extends to partners and intermediaries, ensuring fair treatment and a hierarchical-free environment. It’s this teamwork that contributes to Pixel’s ability to tackle complex procurement challenges effectively.